Pablo Navarro

Director, Editor & VFX Artist


Video and tech geek passionate about everything pixel-related. I have over 10 years experience in production of broadcast, feature films, and branded content. Always looking for an opportunity to work in more creative and complex projects.

As an Online Editor / Vfx Supervisor:
Plenty of experience as an online editor / nishing artist in commercial environments. Used to dealing with directors, agencies and clients from preproduction to nal delivery. As a VFX supervisor it’s been my role to envision and o er solutions to the challenges presented by each project, as well as estimating and coordinating quotes with producers.

On Set VFX Supervision:
Being responsible for data acquisition on set. Experience with motion control equipment and photogammetry of assets. Lidar laser scanner data acquisition and hdri capture.

As a Post Director / Coordinator:
It’s been my responsability to design work ows and pipelines that tted each project necessities. As well as working hand to hand with artists, supervisors and clients, to anticipate problems and come to solutions so the work could be delivered correctly.

As a Filmmaker / Photographer:
Experience shooting B-Roll and VFX plates. I have worked as well as a freelance photo/videographer for advertising agencies.


I consider myself a fortunate lad because I'm able to make a living out of my passion. Still, I enjoy having time off away from the workstation or the shooting set.

In my days off you could probably see me walking the streets with my camera shooting just about everything that catches my attention. During the night, your best chance is at any live music joint. Wether it is a massive concert or an obscure little pub.

I have directed several short films (have you seen Bloody Dreams yet?). Bloody Dreams was selected in over 50 international film festivals, including the Breaking Ground European Talent Awards, Rome Independent Film Festival, Beijing Film Academy International Festival, etc. 

I have collaborated as well in numerous music videos, documentaries, etc. If there's an interesting project and the timing is right, count me in.

The travel bug lives in me. I've lived in Europe, Latin America and Australia, and I have traveled throughout most of the world. Still, can't get enough of it.

I'm always down for a laugh and an icy cold beer, I truly value a good working environment above all.

PABLO NAVARRO | Director Editor VFX